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In regards to posting a story on Fictionpress and losing first rights, does that still count if, once you actually are looking to publish the story, you just delete it? Because I really do like the system there, it's very useful to get reviews. But on the off chance I ever even finish my story, I might want to see if I could publish it and I wouldn't want to ruin my chances.
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There are more con than pro reasons, IMO, to put something up on FP or any other easy access sites:


1. People get to review
2. Reviewers can help guide you (unless, of course, they're the sort who say it's their way or the highway)


1. If anyone can read the story, anyone can steal the story- It doesn't even have to be somebody who reviews your work; just sees a few chapters to a great novel and just types their name on it, prints it out, and sends it off to a big publisher. Wouldn't it come as a big suprise to enter Borders or some store and see the novel you worked hard on, sitting on the bookshelves, when you haven't even let your family see it? Just a little senario...

2. Publishers and agents have their ways on finding things out. If they didn't, then there wouldn't be a problem with first or any rights when it comes to publishing something. It'll be hard to erase things off the Interenet.

3. If a follower of your works writes a letter to agent/publisher/whatever and says: "Oh my god! I'm so glad [insert name here] published [insert title here]! I loved it when I read it on her website and up on Fictionpress [insert other sites here]!"

Your agent/publisher will not be happy.

Think of it this way: Your agent makes their living off your book. Thus, they want to sell a one of a kind novel that hasn't been read before. If so many people have had access to your book, how many are actually going to buy it besides the few who really love your works?

4. You can be blacklisted. If you catch an agent, they ask if you've published your novel somewhere(giving up your rights), you say no, and they find out...well, agents and publishers do talk to one another...

You can still use FP with caution though. I've forgotten the exact percentage, but it is possible to post maybe a chapter up on a public site (it counts as advertisments or something like that). And if you have, like, short stories or poetry or even novels, that you're not that interested in selling, go ahead and put it up on FP- you may get yourself a following who will go out and buy whatever books you write because they're impressed by the stuff they've already seen.

It really depends on you and what you want to do.