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I'm posting this for a new member who commented...

I'd like to join, and my LJ username is clearlyclayr. I figured I'd like to start out saying that I found this on FA, and decided to join, because I'm really looking to improve my writing, and it's interesting to help others do so, too. So I'll fill out the profile, and leave it here.

Name/Alias: Cathy

Age: 16

Email: clearlyclayr@yahoo.com

LiveJournal Username: ClearlyClayr

Favorite Writing Genres: Well, I like to write mostly in a sort of realistic fiction, romance, and drama. A lot of stuff I also like to write is philosophic, and is usualy some sort of essay on love, or some comtemplated topic.

Predicted Story Length: 200-300 pages, maybe...

Need Extra Help With: Feedback, flow... Basically, I just want my stories picked apart. I want to know if they're any good, or not.

Story Title: Picture Imperfect

Outline/Plot: Alice tries so hard to be perfect, but she can't qite get a grasp on her life. She hates herself, and often feels unloved. Her wealthy mother and father are never home, and she feels neglected. In the beginning of the story, Alice is in an old chevy with Donovan, her boyfriend, with several thousand dollars in the glove box. If she started out so perfect, how did she and Donovan get where they are now?

Questionable Content/Rating:
-Content: Some drug/alcohol content, some sexual themes (not detailed or in depth! Implied.)
-Rating: PG-13... maybe R (I'm not entirely sure yet)

Help Needed: I'm around on most weekdays, and stuff.

Best Beta/Editing Skills: Grammar, spelling, plot ideas, I can give a pretty good constructive criticism

Ratings/Content Willing to Read: Up to R. No graphic smut, though.

Availability: I'm usually on most nights, and am a pretty frequent poster.
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