dressed in gold (llgoddess) wrote in aa_supportgroup,
dressed in gold

Just thought I should share the wealth of info I've gathered...

I just wanted to tell you that if you really want to publish your novel, get it off public sites like fictionpress and put it somewhere where it can be locked (like Livejournal which has different settings of friends, public, and private).

Reason:by putting your work up on a public site, you have already published your novel. You have given up your first rights, and without that publishers/agents tend to lose interest or you'll be paid a lot less money. After all, publishers are trying to make money by selling a fantastic book, but who is going to buy something when they can get it for free?

That's the reason I have different Ljs. One for normal stuff about my day and whatnot (usually public/friends), another to post chapters so I can delete them from my hardrive (private/friends-but I don't friend people on it), another for chapters to be critiqued by others(thus,friends setting), and the last one is where I'll move completed chapters that I'm completely happy with (private or friends, but only with the people I completely trust)....of course, I could've just subgrouped my flist, but I had already made the Ljs before I even thought of doing that :0

Since it's your story, it's your call of what you want to do. But, at least, you know something about protecting your works.

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Hey L!

Thanks a lot for sharing that with us. It really makes you think twice. I can't say I would have thought not to put it up somewhere so thanks for the warning.

Oops..sorry I didn't respond quicker; been studying for the SATs :0

But...no problem :) Glad I could help! :D